Women Knitting Scarf Models

We have prepared a very nice knitting scarf models for you. Knitted neck collar models prepared as 2 colors, you can die as a single color. It consists of a combination of two knitting patterns. Straw knitting patterns and haraşo knitting patterns. We will examine the different color applications of the same knitted scarf models for ladies. Easy and very stylish example. Haraşo knitting model is knitted straight from the front and back. We have also prepared the wicker weave model with video. You can easily learn the model. One of the hand-knit models, the collar is very beautiful when knitted in 2 colors. I liked it very much. Knitting can be used as necklace making, weft making.


The desired color and type of rope selection can be made.

How To?

Long loops removed
Turn the knit 26 stitches (the number should be divided into 6 plus 2 sides).

  • 1st row — front loops.
  • 2nd row — reverse rings.
  • 3rd row — weave the front loop from each loop in three laps (such as: insert the needle from left to right into the loop and end the needle counterclockwise with a thread 3 times).
  • 4th row — after the edge, without knitting, remove it from the left knitting needle to the right 6 loops, at the same time pulling them at the expense of falling loops, then put the 6 loops back on the left knitting needle, then the right knitting needle to 4, 5 and 6 Pull these stitches, pull up and stretch the first 3 stitches, then put stitches 4, 5 and 6 on the left knitting needle and knit 6 stitches in reverse.
  • 5th place — like 3rd.
  • 6th row — 3 stitch stitches from the wrong side, 6 stitches to the right knitting needle (fall rounds), take the first 3 stitches with the left knitting needle and stretch again the next 3 (as in row 4), then 3 extended stitches again left insert the knitting needle and knit alternately with the wrong stitches. Repeat from end to line. At the end of row 3, purl and skirt.
  • 7th pattern — 3rd pattern.