If you are bored with classic bags, you can easily make a handmade velvet bag like me. I will give you all the necessary materials and details in this article.
Your bag will be a little big if you do it in my measurements. Therefore, it would be better to design the given dimensions for you. You can find the supplied materials from a shop or use any bag you do not use for this job.

The bag is very light. Also perfect for beginners. Basically just fixed stitches, it’s that simple! If you are a good woodworker / crocheter you have it ready for 2 evenings. If you want your bag to have a more “self” look, you can change its paths unlimitedly.

How to make Velvet crochet bag Pattern?

About 22x16x31 cm
Shoulder strap: 70 cm

You will need
– 2 almost 100 g of DMC Velvet
– 1 bag base 20 × 14 cm with 44 holes
– with 1 handle
brackets for rope and bag handles — 1 hook shoulder strap
– crochet hook 3.5 and 6
– mounting pin
– at least 5 marks

Pay attention to the dimensions! The thread is calculated for a bag with the dimensions I set above. If the bag is too long, it will lose its bulky fine shape and if the opening is not so great, you will have difficulty sewing the top! How to crochet loosely, use a thinner crochet hook than me. You should not be able to see between / between your stitches. Due to the fluffy surface of the yarn, the work becomes quite intense.

Take out your bag bottom, 1 new DMC Velvet and crochet hook 3.5.

– In the holes around the bottom (44 pieces), we start by crocheting a chain of sts. Start in any hole. Then we take off the yarn and tie and fasten on the back.

NOTE! In the pictures it is crochet hook 5 but I think the bag was crocheted unnecessarily hard and felt too compact so I scratched and started over with the 6th.

Change to crochet hook 6.
We will crochet sc, around. Put a marker so you know where your v begins.
Boho bag-in-velvet-increases-bautawitchWarrow 1. Start at any place (I started in the middle of one long side) and crochet 1 dc in each of the sm chain except for the corners where you crochet 2 dc in the 2 sts next to the corner = 52 sc. NOTE! You may need to use the thinner crochet hook to access the yarn.

v 2. * 1 dc, 2 dc * (ie in every other dc you work 2 dc). Repeat the lap around the * s, except for the corners.
The corners: Crochet 2 sc in the 4 sts closest to the corners = 84 sts.

v 3-33. 1 dc in each st. Finish with 1 sl st. Leave a long yarn end to sew part of the top part with.

The work should now measure from the bottom to the edge 28 cm. Is your bag longer? In this case, work up until the measurements are correct for the bag to take a bulky shape. It should not feel elongated like a sailing bag.

Place markers in the middle of the front, in the back and in the sides of your bag. Use them as benchmarks when sewing the top edge. Place the tassels in the center of the front and sew the edge with your mounting needle as invisibly as possible.

NOTE! When the yarn is fluffy, the fibers are easily scraped off against the harder material as you sew with it several times through the holes on the artificial leather section. Therefore, it is better to use several shorter threads than just a single long one when sewing the top.