If you are new to crochet and are looking for an easy pattern, here is a cat pattern that is quite easy to make. Follow the steps to get your cat in a very short time.

Step-1 Start with hinder legs:
Tour 1: 2 ch, 6 sc in the second st from the hook.
Tour 2 : inc in each st. Crochet six rounds without changes. Crochet the second leg and join it to the first.
Tour 9-10: sc in each st around.
Tour 11: make 4 increases (in the front, back and two at the sides)
Crochet 13 rounds without changes.
Tour 25: make 4 decreases.

Step-2 Upper legs:
Ch 2, second st 5 sc from the hook. Next tour: next st, inc. 4 tours unchanged crochet.

Step-3 Queue:
Chapter 5, join a ring, about 14 tours crocheted sc.
Decorate the cat with felt, beads or buttons. Your Amigurumi project is over!

Tour 26: without changes.
Tour 27: make 4 decreases.
Tour 28-29: without changes.
Crochet two edges together with slip stitches.