Rhyming love poems — рифмованные стихи о любви на английском

Here you can find some original rhyming love poems in English that were created as lyrics for songs but weren’t used yet. They all are free for enjoying and non-commercial use. In case of commercial use the author must get 10 percent of the profit. Please, notice this is copyright! The author is Vastianova Iryna Nikolaevna, Mariupol, Ukraine in her far youth.

These are lyrics of love confession, new and exciting dream of a young heart amazed to feel this way


However springtime burns autumnal leaves
Blue clear light flows from morning sky
There will be you and I.

However springtime wakes whistling tender
And birds singing aloud all along
Our world will be rolling on

Whenever only I can see you smiling
My angel takes away my blue
This song for me and you

And when you walk along the open road
Gray dust can’t spoil your transparent soul
I’ll be walking along

Step by step we reach for heaven
Everybody’s gonna know
Day by day and year by year
We’re reaching for love

If onetime song isn’t here by my sight
It means nothing more is there
Dull emptiness in the air

However evil tries to set us all apart
We’ll find way back by gleaming star
And there are you and I!

Walking through

Walking down the street
I feel you near me, I feel you with me
I’m trying to hold this dream
Of how I tease you, of how you kiss me
Walking through the time
Of smoggy towns and dirty air
I dream of falling down
To depth we never have been there

Rushing through this life
Of broken hearts and frozen feelings
I can’t let you out of my heart
For any single tiny minute
Falling from the clouds
Gray and mild down to the ground
I want to share with you
This little sense that I have found

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